From a single CAD file, SphereGen XR transforms static, 2D presentations into dynamic, 3D product demonstrations and visually engaging, immersive experiences that will improve outcomes in product ideation, sales, marketing, training, and service. SphereGen XR can be deployed to mixed reality headsets, smartphones and tablets, webpages, or embedded in learning management systems (LMS).


The SphereGen XR platform is a 3D collaboration tool for sharing design iterations across distributed product development teams.

  • Utilize the SphereGen XR platform to quickly launch products with greater success.
  • Exchange ideas remotely with stakeholders and identify product development issues prior to launch.
  • Make use of AR and XR digital renderings for rapid prototyping to save time, money and resources.
Woman looking at 3D model with HoloLens 2


Accelerate the buying process by providing a compelling medium to demonstrate value and functionality. XR sales presentations elicit emotional responses from buyers, allowing them to interact with your product line in as much detail as needed.

  • XR presentations create an engaging buying experience, resulting in faster decision-making and higher close rates.
  • Prospects can interact with virtual products on their own terms.
  • Onboard metrics provide audience feedback and keep customers engaged.


Communicate product differentiation and value throughout the product lifecycle. Marketers can maximize impact while reducing costs with interactive storytelling around a single, evergreen 3D model.

  • Reduce costs with a single, evergreen 3D model for tradeshows.
  • Eliminate the need for 2D PowerPoint presentations or printed materials.
  • Engage global audiences with onboard multilingual functionality.
Woman looking at 3D model through HoloLens 2


Improve technical instruction and training comprehension. Learning in a 3D medium improves knowledge retention compared to passive settings such as classroom instruction or even individual mentoring.

  • Augmented reality provides a dynamic alternative to traditional methods of training.
  • AR, VR, and mixed reality applications allow for safe, confident, and competitive labor force onboarding, enabling transfer of technical knowledge.


Do your products require a manual assembly, safe handling, or installation upon delivery? Our technology deploys 3D instructions for uncrating, set-up, and product installation with augmented reality overlays, including immersive, step-by-step procedures.

  • SphereGen XR’s technology deploys 3D instructions for uncrating, set-up, and product installation via QR codes.
  • AR overlays provide step-by-step procedures for customers to complete tasks regardless of skill level.
  • AR reduces frustration and downtime by comparing resources to their digital counterparts.


With the growing sophistication of the latest generation machinery and devices, effective maintenance is essential to eliminate unplanned downtime and maximize production capacity.

  • SphereGen XR helps maintain industry efficiency.
  • Latest generation machinery and devices require effective maintenance to maximize production capacity and reduce unplanned downtime.
  • Augmented reality (AR) serves as a basis for predictive maintenance strategies that increase ROI, output, and reduce equipment failures.


Within an industrial or lab setting, technicians can render digital manuals and videos to diagnose issues with complex devices, speeding the time to repair and return the machinery to production status.

  • Empower service teams with necessary skills to enable efficient repairs within a lab or industrial setting.
  • Enable frontline workers to connect with service personnel for virtual interactive meetings.
  • Increase first-time fix rates and reduce errors through better corrective action strategies.
Remote Assist



  • Visual, Interactive Instructions along with virtual 3D models
  • Virtual models can overlay the physical object, allowing spatial instruction on the actual piece of equipment

Interactive Instruction

  • Instructions can be linear step by step or interactive allowing trainees the option to access supporting information
  • Instructions can include interactive Q/A to enable review points to measure comprehension

Interface to External Sources

  • Guides allows integration of links for websites and Microsoft Power Apps



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