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Return on Investment for HoloLens 2, Remote Assist and Guides

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Updated August 23, 2023

In today’s global economy, businesses are actively seeking ways to achieve significant returns on investment (ROIs) with modern technologies. Mixed Reality solutions like Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Guides not only help companies achieve compelling cost savings, but many have discovered these applications affect employee’s well-being in a positive way.

HoloLens 2 with Remote Assist (RA) and Guides technology gives companies the ability to quickly solve complex business problems. They provide remote workers with capabilities and information they would normally only gain from being on-site. Successful organizations utilizing this technology include Mount Sinai Hospital, ECOlab, Mercedes Benz, and L’Oreal.

Mixed Reality grants a number of benefits and ROIs, most notably reductions in costs and employee or machine downtime. Additional benefits include enhanced training, safety, and improved employee productivity.

Return on Investment

Mixed Reality is perfect for solving problems in real-time. It brings critical information into view and boosts organizations’ remote work capabilities. The benefits of utilizing this technology include reduced training times, increased efficacy of training, optimized business processes, and improved process accuracy.

In addition to the listed benefits above, the typical returns on investment are:

  • Reduced Travel Costs
  • Accelerated Issue Resolution and Reduced Downtime
  • Safety and Security
  • Improved Employee Training

Reduced Travel Costs

In manufacturing, the traditional method of site management involves field technicians and specialists traveling to a site to resolve issues. This process is generally costly in terms of travel expenses and person-hours.

With HoloLens 2 and Remote Assist, field technicians and specialists’ travel needs are greatly reduced. Instead of traveling to the site of the problem, specialists receive a call to their phone or laptop where they clearly see the operator’s point of view. The specialist can then work with technicians in real-time to resolve issues.

Forrester measured the cost savings associated with reduced hours of travel when using HoloLens 2 and RA to complete tasks. Forrester’s projections over a three-year period found:

  • $684,000 of labor and travel savings for 50 field technicians
  • Each field technician would be able to avoid approximately 55 trips per year
  • $1.6 million of travel savings for 15 highly specialized experts
  • Each expert would be able to avoid 17 international trips per year ($53,550 per year of travel costs) and 384 paid travel hours (a total of $39,744 per year)

While the above example is specific to Manufacturing, SphereGen has worked with many organizations in the Healthcare industry to implement HoloLens 2, RA, and Guides. These projects had a tremendous impact on improved patient care while reducing travel. To learn more about Remote Assist in Healthcare, please check out our Mount Sinai video.

Accelerated Issue Resolution and Reduced Downtime

Waiting for specialists to address production issues results in costly downtime. If the specialist can immediately address the problem remotely, downtime is substantially reduced.

The handsfree and annotation functionality of HoloLens 2 and RA enables specialists to better communicate resolution steps to the on-site technician. The technician can then rely on visual and audio cues to address the problem with both hands.

Forrester measured the cost savings associated with accelerated issue resolution and reduced machine downtime when using HoloLens 2 and RA to complete tasks. Forrester’s projections over a three-year period found that out of 60 issue resolutions; on average, issue resolution would be 5 days faster and each issue resolution would prevent 4 hours of lost production time.

Each hour of production time saved results in:

  • $950 in labor cost savings
  • $2,500 in lost operating income savings
  • $1,563 in direct costs savings like rush shipping, waste, or fees
  • total cost savings was $20,052 per issue
  • Avoided lost revenue, wasted labor, and direct costs totaling $2.1 million

If you would like to learn more about how to employ Remote Assist to reduce downtime in manufacturing, read our case study.

Improved Employee Training

Guides uses a combination of text, 3D models, video, and audio to engage the trainee, thereby increasing information retention. Additionally, the Guide is reusable and available on demand. This allows the trainee to learn at their own pace, allowing time to review and practice sections that may be challenging to master.

A few examples of training programs already in use on the HoloLens 2 include:

man looking at book with idea
  • Multiple Types of Machine Operations Training
  • Medical Training such as Case Diagnosis, CPR, or Suture Instructions
  • Automotive Repair

Additionally, Guides has analytical functionality that enables managers to understand how the training is being used. For example, which training sections their Guides users spend the most time in, user errors, and information pacing issues. Companies can use this information to optimize and streamline their training processes to improve its’ effectiveness. Effective training translates to optimum productivity when trainees are on the job.

Employee Wellbeing through Safety, Engagement and Productivity

Though the impact of employee wellbeing on an organization’s bottom line is, by its nature, unquantifiable, its effect on the success of your organization is too important to ignore.


Remote Assist and Guides improve safety for your employees. RA allows a specialist to work side by side virtually with a technician. The chances of instruction miscommunication are greatly reduced as the specialist has a first-person view of the situation at hand.

With Guides, safety opportunities are increased by using simulations. The combination of Guides and the HoloLens allows a trainee to work virtually on dangerous equipment. Incorrect choices in a simulated setting frees trainees from potential physical consequences. Procedures can be practiced repeatedly until they feel comfortable working with a piece of equipment, giving the employee and their supervisor more peace of mind. Additionally, a Guide can be built to include features that notify a Guides operator of dangerous operations within a process.

Employee Engagement and Innovation

Engaged employees are happier in the workplace. Introducing innovative technology such as HoloLens 2, Remote Assist, and Guides keep employees excited and interested in their work. However, employee engagement around these technologies is not limited to their perceived novelty. Once an employee understands how this technology makes their work easier, they are more than willing to utilize it, often suggesting additional use cases that provide value for the organization.


When an employee is more productive in their job, both the employee and the company benefit. The employee experiences greater job satisfaction and the company earns higher productivity.

As seen in the above examples, companies implementing Remote Assist and Guides experience boosts across the board in job productivity, training effectiveness, and investment in employee satisfaction.


Today’s society has seen a rapid improvement in Accessibility, Safety, Education, and recently Remote Work. While these trends are part of a broader societal movement, these expectations extend to the workplace. Workplaces that fulfill these conditions are at a distinct competitive advantage to companies that do not meet these now basic expectations.

Some of the most exciting ROIs seen with this technology have been the reduction in travel costs – both in dollars and hours – as well as reduced resolution times. Forrester’s projections show that these efficiency improvements alone could save you millions of dollars in the coming years.


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