Working from home presents an array of challenges. For those of us with cats in our homes, we quickly become aware of the need for viable RCM strategies to ensure sustainable productivity.


The well-known stereotypes that cats tend to be cold and aloof are true, but they are also paradoxical creatures. My cat is nowhere to be found it seems, until the minute I sit down at my computer to work. Suddenly she is all over the desk and keyboard! Is it the clackety-clack of the keys? Perhaps it’s my sudden burst of alpha brainwaves as I start solving the day’s business challenges. Maybe she just knows that whenever I’m near the clackety-clacker there is a sustained drop in the food-to-dish ratio. Whatever it is, there just are no spellcheck recommendations for FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, KLKLKLKLKLKLLKLKLKLKLLLKLKKLKKK, or SDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!


This is where it pays to have well-planned Remote Cat Management strategies in hand. Consider these two:


RCM Strategy #1: The Blocker

Having been faced with working from home for an extended period, you, like many, may have thought that clearing out your workspace would help remove distraction and promote productivity.

That looks wonderful!  Clean, free of clutter, and ready for you to crank out some great work, right?


Wrong!  You just gave Puddy-Tat an open invitation to sprawl!

Instead of an entirely bare space, strategically place pointy or bulky items around your keyboard and monitor area discouraging any feline lounging while maintaining a semblance of order and purpose:

Kit-kat will have no choice but to find an alternate location!





RCM Strategy #2: The Decoy

Does your cat love to sit on the keyboard?


Give little Sprinkles her very own keyboard!  Cats are picky, yes, but not about keyboards!  Dig out that old one from the closet, or order one from Amazon for $9.99 – it will be worth every penny!

Wait for a moment when she’s not looking and quietly slip the decoy keyboard into place… and voila!

Your cat will feel satisfied and you’ll be getting your work done!