For customers of Holo-PreCon Demo branded services (collectively “Holo-PreCon”), below is information about how Holo-PreCon Demo collects, uses, and shares your information.

What is Personal Information?

“Personal Information” means data that identifies you and is associated with a specific person. Personal information does not include information that is anonymous and aggregated or is no longer identifiable to a specific person (i.e. de-identified).

Information We Collect

The Demo version of Holo-PreCon does NOT collect any personal information, therefore information is not used or shared in any way.  This application is for Demo use only.

A microphone is used within the application in order to process voice commands in performing program actions.   The microphone is not used for any type of recording of information or sound.

The store application is for Demo use only, to give the user an idea of what a final product can look like.  Holo-PreCon is a service provided by SphereGen Technologies.  More information about this service is available at www.SphereGen.com

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