Looking for a way to INSPIRE your customers?

We offer personalized service to convert complex BIM models to high quality 3D holograms.
The perfect solution for customers to view and interact with architectural models.


View your design with
a new 3D perspective


Show customers
interactive models


Observe customers
engaging with your designs

Current CHALLENGES in viewing complex architectural models:

  • Providing customers with a captivating and memorable experience
  • Obstacles in working with complex models
  • Ability to create a viewing experience at the job site or any customer location
  • Loading high-poly models into MR technology
  • Possible adverse side effects using VR technology, such as motion sickness


SphereGen works with you to optimize models to produce high quality, interactive holograms and places them in a voice controlled, HoloLens interactive experience

Click the video to watch Holo-PreCon in action:



Place Your Model in Any Physical Space

Holo-Precon can place a model at the job site or inside a room. Place it on the table top or the floor, whatever provides the best viewing experience for your customer!


Control Experience With Voice Commands

Your users can immediately be proficient in using HoloLens technology by using voice commands to control the application. Success is guaranteed by ease of use.


Ability to Walk Around and Inside the Model

Get a detailed view of your model inside and out; because the HoloLens is not tethered to a workstation, you can walk completely around the model to get a 360-degree view.


Scale Your Model for a Memorable Experience

The base application allows you to scale the model up to 25 feet. If a larger size is needed, the application can be customized after a consultation to discuss the requirements.

*Additional features available based on consultation


Let’s get started!

Base Price per Model – $2500

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