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Some of the biggest challenges in healthcare today are improving the governance, quality and accessibility of medical records. Whether your issues are related to Health Information Exchange (HIE), EMR/EHR integration or compliance, SphereGen addresses your medical needs to keep you in step with digital change. We have expertise in integrating FHIR, Mirth, HL7 and C-CDA and helping you meet compliance standards.

Our work includes data/systems integration (EMR, EHR), custom products, implementing emerging technologies and application development.

We have been assisting firms in the medical services and healthcare fields for the past 15 years.


Today’s medical applications related to HIE draw on data and resources from all types of healthcare systems. Though this offers the advantage of having powerful ‘best-in-class’ systems, it also includes the challenges needed to integrate those systems. We have deep experience integrating Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records into our customer’s data flows.


We specialize in:

  • Understanding HIE business needs, security requirements and technology capabilities
  • Discovery and mapping of the integration requirement between systems (Payor, Provider, and Patient Data)
  • Building the ETL – (extract, transform and load) process which ensures data is clean and valid; we are proficient in Mirth
  • Defining flexible processes that are able to accept EHR data in new formats and standards such as FHIR, HL7, and C-CDA
  • Scalable designs that allow configurable and easy to maintain systems


Our teams leverage their experience and industry knowledge to produce actionable integration strategies that account for future functionality.


Protecting patient data, thereby improving patient care, is a keystone of the healthcare industry. You need to make sure your organization is compliant in protecting PHI- SphereGen helps you get there. We assist in implementing and maintaining the necessary technical safeguards to be HIPAA compliant.



  • Access Authorization
  • Log in Monitoring
  • Password Management
  • Secure Data Transmission
  • Data Backup Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Emergency Mode Operation Plan
  • Unique user identification
  • Automatic Log off
  • Encryption / Decryption

HIPAA medical records


Knowing the healthcare software market is daunting because there are numerous products available. We know the market and can quickly tell you if you need to buy or build.

When packaged solutions are not a good fit or simply do not exist… SphereGen will build a custom solution for you.


Examples of Custom Client Applications:

  • Drug Interactions
  • Prescription Fraud Analytics
  • Patient Encounter Log
  • Online Therapy Programs
  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager Data Integration

See MRI and CT scans like you never have before with our Extended Reality solution. We use DICOM series to automatically create 3D models of organs and body systems to assist in:

  • Pre-surgical consultation and evaluation
  • DYNAMICS for Healthcare
  • BIO Tech Data Visualization
  • Lab Data Flow

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Dicom Director
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Elevate your student experience with cutting edge technology.
Manage your data to enable informed decision making.
Modernize your manufacturing cycles to reduce cost.