Time is money. Streamlining business analytics and implementing robotic process automation reduces workflow manhours up to 60%. Financial tasks such as paying invoices, integrating spreadsheet data, and managing period closes are examples of how RPA increases efficiency thereby saving you money. Use Power BI to visualize graphical data and easily understand trends or evaluate results.

Our years of experience and partnerships with UiPath and Microsoft give us the edge on competition. SphereGen knows what is required to develop a viable, compliant solution for the finance industry.


Repetitive, high-volume and manual processes drain time and efficiency. RPA improves business processes by automating these tasks with software robots that mimic human actions and connect multiple systems without changing the existing IT landscape. As a UiPath Partner we are certified to implement bot automation. Companies gain capacity, enhance efficiency, and increase process scalability/flexibility in their daily operations.

ROI on Robotic Process Automation can be realized in as little as 2 months!

RPA UiPath Partner Badge


2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for RPA


Modern reporting is an interactive environment exceeding traditional static reports. Power BI gets real-time data out of your existing systems and if desired, merges it with historical information. With this business analytics tool users can analyze financial data, uncover trends and the reasons behind them; accomplished by using existing data sources with minimal changes to existing processes or current data sources.


With Power BI:

  • Enable better decision-making
  • Proactively identify/resolve issues
  • Discover unknown trends/dependencies

Power BI Business Analytics


In Finance, having access to data anytime, anywhere is essential for informed decision-making. Whether you use fully-functional web apps or view select functionalities on a mobile app- SphereGen’s got you covered. We provide custom solutions that fit into existing systems, resolve issues and expedite the pace of implementating change.

Utilize technology to de-silo your design/build process.
Elevate your student experience with cutting edge technology.
Streamline workflow for improved doctor/patient satisfaction.
Modernize your manufacturing cycles to reduce cost.