spheregen logo on transparent background


If you want to use the SphereGen cARds app but don’t have a SphereGen Business card you can download and print this image. Do not adjust the image size and make sure your printer does not resize the image, as it may cause the models to become offset.
spheregen logo with tagline


This application generates a variety of 3D Augmented Reality models that are placed based on the position of a SphereGen business card.

You can choose the models you want to create by tapping on the icons on the left of the screen and choosing a specific model. Then you can create the model by placing your phone so that its camera can see the SphereGen logo on the back of the business card.

You can rotate a model by tapping on it and dragging your finger. You can also have a selected model look at the camera by tapping on the focus button.

Multiple models can be placed by moving the card and selecting another model from the menu. Models can be removed by clicking on the model and then pushing the X icon in the bottom right corner.