Recruiting prospective students and maintaining student satisfaction are critical components to the education system. To remain competitive you need software that supports your community. We develop custom solutions and Ellucian extensions that grow your admissions and enable functionality (i.e. financial aid and scheduling). Reach students before they visit through an interactive virtual tour, showcasing your campus. Create dynamic and innovative ways to deliver curriculums for the next generation of learning through virtual reality in education.


Our solutions engage and support the day-to-day needs of some of the largest educational institutions.


Extend Ellucian Banner and PowerCampus systems by enabling additional functionality through custom add-ons.

Examples of our work include:

  • Change of Enrollment Status
  • Administrative Management (Financial Aid disbursements, student scheduling, dean oversight)

For Medical Schools:

  • Clinical Evaluations
  • Medical Records
  • Patient Encounter Log
  • Residency Advisor
  • Clerkship Requirements

The best way to sell your campus is to have prospective students come onsite and experience it. The next best option is to allow your applicants become immersed in your classrooms, auditoriums, and campus through a virtual tour.

Creating a virtual tour unlocks the true power of your campus for those who cannot be there. SphereGen creates these solutions with high-def, 360-degree experiences with optional multi-lingual narration. With a VR headset, you have an innovative experience that stands out from the crowd at every school fair.


How You Can Get Started With A Virtual Tour


49% of high school teachers would like to use VR to allow students to visit college campuses to encourage further education”


CREC VR Tour 360 tour


Custom applications that solve specific business problems are a hallmark of what we do.

Your first impression to your educational community is your website and/or mobile apps. Present your school in the best light by building fully-functional, responsive applications optimized for web and mobile.


Make a profound impact by implementing virtual reality in education with self-guided tests to improve subject comprehension and student retention. Dynamic learning modules allow for flexibility of content based on what works best for your teachers and students.


7 out of 10 teachers want to use VR to simulate experiences relevant to the material being covered”


AR in Education Ellucian

Streamline workflow for improved doctor/patient satisfaction.
Utilize technology to de-silo your design/build process.
Manage your data to enable informed decision making.
Modernize your manufacturing cycles to reduce cost.