“SphereGen is truly a full-service solutions partner in support of our IT business needs. Their wide depth of experience has helped us in all areas of our business, from automating processes with RPA using Intelligent Document Processing to building custom mobile apps for Inventory and implementing remote maintenance with Mixed Reality. Their teams regularly deliver quality development, support, and guidance to assist us in moving our business forward.”

Bob​ Rosa<br>Corporate Director of Business Systems<br>Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Inc.
“I cannot put into words how much SphereGen has helped me/us during this engagement. Your team has truly gone above and beyond..”
David B. Margossian<br>IT Director<br>Smith and Nephew
“Thank you everyone at SphereGen for an incredible experience. I have been very impressed from the initial planning/organization/projections (SOW), to the ongoing communication, the timeliness of results, the flexibility, the attention to detail, the collaboration, the persistence, and especially the efficiency in getting to the end result. You have been a true team of professionals! I look forward to progressing to the next phase of my company’s software development needs!”
Dr. Steven Curtis<br>Founder<br>EyeLux Integrations

“My institution is partnering with SphereGen to explore the transformative potential of mixed reality-based educational technology. Without their deep technical knowledge and shared dedication, this wouldn’t be possible. The SphereGen staff is very responsive and easy to work with. I can’t imagine a better partner with whom to create the future.”

Dr. Howard Winston<br>Physics and Engineering<br>University of Connecticut at Waterbury

“I would recommend SphereGen’s DICOM Director to any facility looking to interface their medical equipment with a patient database. It has saved our company time by eliminating redundant data entry and errors. It is simple to administer and transparent to the user, while also fully customizable. Our clinicians downplayed the significance of this tool before implementation but now cannot go without it.”

Onsite Mammography

“The project completed by SphereGen resulted in our ‘core business application’ being successfully migrated to the cloud. Following the initial development, two additional applications were migrated to the cloud. Our reoccurring costs on Azure were about 1/3 less than our previous in-house database and external website. At the same time, the Azure Cloud gives us 99.9% uptime, which is important to our privately held business services firm.”

Brian Bodkin<br>TABB