Give your architectural designs a whole new way of being unveiled. Engage clients through an immersive experience of your BIM models in extended reality. Provide an experience like never before with a 3D visualization walkthrough.

Extended Reality is the easiest way to communicate your visions to your clients. SphereGen brings your designs to life on tablets, smartphones, or VR/MR headsets.


Immersive BIM architectural design

It’s simple… Experiencing designs in 3D delivers an impactful impression of your prototype. Clients therefore, gain a true perspective of your model by seeing the holographic design in the real world.


What does this mean for you?

  • Get meaningful feedback immediately
  • Get the most efficient use of time for you and your clients
  • Option to view design in the physical space it is intended for
  • Scale models to any size

Our product Holo-PreCon provides 3D visualizations of converted BIM models on Microsoft HoloLens, and AR mobile devices. Get it from the Apple store here: Holo-PreCon for iOS


Fundraise Innovatively – SphereGen creates augmented reality mobile applications that showcase 3D models (converted BIM) of architectural designs/artistic creations to drive fundraising efforts. These applications introduce your donors to new designs that they can easily share with friends/family through an AR immersive mobile application. Not only will they interact with your fundraising objective, but they can access it anytime through their phone- your fundraising effort just became portable.


Studies show that businesses lose viewership if their content is not mobile-friendly. SphereGen builds responsive mobile applications and websites that are performance tested for all major devices.

Streamline workflow for improved doctor/patient satisfaction.
Elevate your student experience with cutting edge technology.
Manage your data to enable informed decision making.
Modernize your manufacturing cycles to reduce cost.