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Maximizing Efficiency: RPA with AI in Healthcare 

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The goal of healthcare is to provide patients with the best possible care and experience. Unfortunately, time consuming tasks, such as paperwork and scheduling, often get in the way of meeting this goal. The good news is that there is a better way of approaching these tasks. Using technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) … Read more

Automating Email Management for a Human Touch in Healthcare  

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The healthcare industry faces data overload posed by email handling. Healthcare professionals often find themselves immersed in email-related tasks and could greatly benefit from automated assistance. How can the healthcare industry utilize automation to interpret email content when dealing with varied medical content? Spotting Opportunities for Automation In the healthcare industry, email serves as more … Read more

Streamlining Prior Authorizations for EMR Customers

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The healthcare industry constantly seeks to increase operational efficiency and provide better patient care. Getting medical prior authorizations for essential procedures, treatments, and medications is a significant obstacle that healthcare organizations encounter. The industry can now rely on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to simplify and speed up obtaining prior authorization for those who use … Read more

How Your Organization Can Benefit from FHIR Standardization

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Payers understand the need for interoperability and standardization in exchanging and managing healthcare data. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is a recommended standard for exchanging healthcare information and represents a significant leap in interoperability. FHIR-standardized data makes it possible for providers to access and share information from different sources, improving patient outcomes. In this blog … Read more

Guidelines for Migrating Mirth to Azure

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Do you want to maximize your existing Mirth experience while utilizing all that Azure Cloud has to offer? Migrating to the Cloud is a great way to ensure maximum uptime and provide access to the benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. This guide will lead you through the steps necessary to migrate to … Read more

The Benefits of Azure Cloud Migration in Healthcare

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Managing digital data is critical for healthcare organizations, which has created a need for secure and efficient healthcare information exchange (HIE) platforms. Mirth is a solution that meets this need, allowing healthcare providers to share patient data safely. However, it is essential to transition Mirth to a cloud-based system to stay current with changing technologies. … Read more

ECW Integration for Revenue Cycle Management with UiPath

It is no secret that the Healthcare Industry struggles with integrating data across its multiple platforms to manage Revenue Cycles (RCM). Platforms include patient data (Electronic Health Record or EHR), clinical data and payor data. This blog relates how SphereGen helps its Healthcare customers solve this challenge using UiPath Robotic Processing Automation (RPA). Data is … Read more

RPA in Healthcare Comparison – UiPath and Olive

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Healthcare spends over 40 billion dollars in technology every year. Much of that money is spent replacing existing systems and enhancing the current infrastructure. Implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is different. RPA can be layered over existing platforms making it a cost-effective delivery solution for business owners, while also being championed by IT. The beauty of … Read more