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Update Existing Windows File Share Subscriptions to Use Common File Share Account

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Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Use file share account in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting services starting with SQL Server 2016. This new feature gives the flexibility to use a common file share account for windows file share subscriptions. To enable this new feature in the SSRS file share subscription, first, you need to … Read more

Part 2 – Issues and Challenges After Migration of Microsoft SQL

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Reviewed for accuracy on January 23, 2023 In Part-1, SSRS migration steps have been discussed. Many congratulations for SSRS migration but migration journey is not yet over. SSRS migration opens door for new issue and challenges due to feature update but also it welcomes new feature that comes with newer version of SSRS. Below mentioned … Read more

HIVE_BAD_DATA: Error Parsing Field Value for Field ERROR in AWS Athena

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Reviewed for accuracy on January 23, 2023 HIVE_BAD_DATA is generally related to bad data in source file or data type mismatch. I have experienced this error while working with JSON data read in AWS Athena. For example, I have below sample JSON data that is stored in s3 bucket {“id”:”jggdfdysf866″,”socialdata”:{“facebook”:”Facebook data details”,”twitter”:””}} {“id”:”676fdggdcdf4″,”socialdata”:”This is bad … Read more

PART 1 – Migration of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to New Server

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Reviewed for accuracy on January 23, 2023 One of our clients was using SSRS2008R2 (Native Mode) and they decided to upgrade to SSRS2017. There are two methods available that can fulfil this upgrade. One by using some scripting and another one by physically moving ReportServer database to the new server. Physically moving ReportServer database to … Read more

Microsoft Power BI Introduction and Architecture

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Click Here to learn how we can help with Power BI With the explosion of data in the last few years, organizations want to analyze their data from different perspectives and want to understand their scattered data with meaningful information in lesser time. To address that, business analysts require new trends and analytical approaches that … Read more