Apple announced a sweeping set of additions and updates coming in the near future for augmented reality on their suite of devices.



  • People Occlusion
    • A new incredible level of awareness of people allows ARKit 3 to know where people and AR objects are, and properly occlude different aspects of the scene.
  • Motion Capture
    • Track human movement as input for the AR Scene.
    • Up to 3 faces/people at a time with support for collaborative sessions too!


Reality Composer

  • A new app that lets you easily create AR experiences
  • Import your own files or utilize files from the built-in AR Library
  • Record data of a location, to assist with the development
  • Support for Animation
  • Support for Audio & Spatial Audio



  • A new high-level Augmented Reality framework built from the ground up for Augmented Reality
  • Swift API which is incredibly powerful and easy to use
  • Support for
    • Photorealistic Rendering
    • Camera Effects
    • Animations
    • Physics