Unity Networking Solutions and the HoloLens

As a new Intern this week I took my first look at both, developing for HoloLens and Unity’s many Networking solutions. I had to quickly learn all I could about both subjects, and fortunately, the wealth of information on the internet was an excellent asset. Both technical and opinionated reviews of various Networking systems have proven very helpful. I have been able to narrow down the decent choices of networking solutions to about 3 contenders, Photon, Forge, and uLink. in order to test these out, I have Implemented some examples using the HoloLens and have gained some proficiency with developing for the device. There are difficulties with switching some solutions over to the HoloLens, outdated code or files that aren’t supported anymore, and minor issues like having to re-create GUI in world space, but they can be dealt with in time. Research is proceeding nicely, and next week I should have several examples for networking and a write up on the pros and cons of each.

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