Unity, Hololens Spatial Mapping to Ignore Holes

Some of the technical challenges of working with a new device, such as the HoloLens, is that when an issue occurs, there is a chance that not many people will know what to do to help.  Sure a lot of people can debug simple logical errors or coding syntax, but it can be difficult to work around more complex problems.  One such problem I encountered when working with the HoloLens involved spatial mapping.

As the HoloLens mapped the wall, the triangles per cubic meters registered a hole that did not exist.  I altered the configurations of how many triangles per cubic meters until it was loose enough to see the connection through certain points.    Another method to fix the mapping, without reducing the triangles per cubic meter, include shining a light on the problem area so that the HoloLens camera can better register the space or use a light that is complimentary to the color of the object to better define its features.