Unity, Hololens Gesture Input Freeze

As a new intern here at SphereGen, I am lucky enough that I have worked developing games with the HoloLens for almost a year.  I have seen the HoloLens go through iteration after iteration of upgrades to the Holotoolkits, on top of Unity upgrades, giving me a decent feel for how the systems run and interact.

Even with my familiarity, an issue arose with a combination of a Windows and Unity update, leaving me unable to run HoloLens or holographic components as Unity would freeze on the play or trying to build.  This was fixed by uninstalling the latest Windows update and downloading the latest Source Developer’s Kit.  The fix, however, was not found quickly enough to prevent my work from being hindered.  So here is an important tip.  While the HoloLens is in development, make sure to keep a system restore point, to which you can revert so that you are not left unable to play the Unity scene or build.  Had I not been so new to SphereGen and the working environment, I would have most likely built that restore point myself!

With the help of the coworkers around me, I was able to work around the computer issues in order to create a simple build for a prototype I was working on involving the display of digital artwork.  With my laptop up and running again, productivity rushed in and several projects were completed in order to make up for lost time.

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