Testing job is to “Find issues”, is it ?

I am sure many of you think that a testing job is to “find issues” PERIOD. No, I strongly think the testing job is not to find issues but is to confirm that there are “NO ISSUES” with the code/ application/ solution. Yes, this goes hand in hand with a testing person finding issues as he/ she wants to really make it a bug-free solution for the client.

Think it this way that if finding issues is the aim of a tester then the product will never reach its goal of completion, as the tester will never finish his test simply because he/ she is not getting any issues J. However the tester has to or will complete his/ her testing task ones he/ she feels that there are no issues/ bugs with the code.

A tester, however, is not the one who can or should find issues on the final application but also the one who verifies the correctness of the requirement document. This is the stage where a tester could actually minimize the efforts that everyone has to put towards correcting the mistake that they have made in the application.

A developer is the one who would follow what is been asked from him to make from the requirement document, but a tester is the one who verifies the requirement for the client. It’s the craft of a developer to develop an application but it’s a craft of a tester to check what is made is what is intended by the client.

-Utkarsh Gadewar

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