Testing 3-6-Oh!

What we offer is the ability to have an independent view, with no vested interest except for the outcome of “your software works!”

The generally accepted statistic for application failure is 66% of IT application software projects will fail to some degree. Addressing this statistic needs to be a focal point moving forward. “How can we, as an industry, lower this statistic?”

Also consider that the growing demand for mobile applications, cloud-based applications, and bring your own device, and the number of failures is even more staggering. A 66% failure rate is appalling, for example, in the education industry that equates to 2 out of 3 students failing, but we as an industry accept this level of failure. Good application testing is a critical component to your application development plans.

We provide the Unbiased Truth on the Application.

Those who develop the software should not test it. The developer can run unit testing, but it is not a replacement for an objective QA test.

With the rise of enterprise mobility, companies will need ways to ensure their mobility growth efforts will be efficient and effective. This is where mobile testing comes into play. The demand for real-time mobile apps and OS quality assurance will rise, along with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and enterprise mobility trends.

We will see IT expenditures continue to rise as well as budgets being increasingly dedicated to mobility initiatives as enterprise organizations realize they have to acknowledge and manage the rise in demand for enterprise mobility. The demand for cross-platform testing of mobile software and apps will rise along with overcoming the fragmented reality of today’s present mobile ecosystem. We foresee 2012 will continue to be the year of “BYOD” and “BYOA” (Bring Your Own Apps), SphereGen Software New York looks forward to it.

Our Differentiators:

  1. Capability to provide manual as well as automation of testing services
  2. We are technology agnostic
  3. Expertise in using a wide range of tools for defect tracking and test management
  4. We take part in the product activities beginning with the analysis phase


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