Spheregen HoloLens Intern’s first days


Working in SphereGen – first real world experience

I have made games in the past, worked on large software development teams, and even showcased some of my work at professional conferences, but never for a company. In my first couple days at SphereGen, I am being faced with new challenges, in particular creating something outside my normal comfort zone.

Its been at least a year since I’ve worked on a 3d game in Unity, and while I’ve worked extensively on a 2d game in a large team the past eight months, there are obvious differences between the two dimensions that no amount of universal unity knowledge can fix. The transition over the past two days from my usual experience in 2d to 3d has been pleasant, however, as the differences between the two haven’t been as problematic as I thought.

So what I’ve done so far – I’ve worked on a design document and began prototyping functionality to my project. My largest hurdle so far has been working on things that I cant test with the HoloLens for a couple days. I have programmed basic functionality for objects, as well as created 2 particle effects and corresponding scripts to augment them during the game. Finally, I’ve created animations for one of the objects and some audio clips for different sound effects.

Moving forward, utilizing GUI and the canvas within HoloLens will most likely be a challenge, as it seems different than a normal camera. Additionally, the particle effects I created were done in a way where the density and opacity can be changed depending on how they look while using the headset. If they are indeed not working with the headset, they will need to be tweaked.

I’m looking forward to continuing my journey at SphereGen over the summer. Follow our blog for updates on Unity to HoloLens tips, C# snippets, and game design principles.

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