Sharing with a Hololens – learnings – Whats a Quad Router?

We were using the Hololens with the latest version of the Hololens toolkit from January 6, 2017.

The main two problems we were having:

When we were on a public network, using Live Stream on one PC and one Hololens, the stream would disconnect. Sometimes we would go to the lowest quality possible for streaming, and the network would drop or prevent us from streaming.

Secondly, if we attempted a shared experience with the public network–the firewalls would block us, or the shared service would not connect.  There are times we would connect, but the network would not support the server plus the two devices. The network would give us the boot.

What did we do to fix it:

Have you ever heard of (we hadn’t) a QUAD speed router?  We went to a network specialist who told us “you are trying to take a tractor trailer down a one lane country road.”  So we invested in a new Quad speed router from Netgear(220 dollars or so).

After purchasing and figuring out how to restrict it to a dedicated network (hint: select local MAC address as default). We have successfully demonstrated in public places, showing live stream and shared experiences without the public network squashing us or fear of dropping live streaming connections. An additional benefit is the live stream delay between the Hololens and the PC is a fraction of what it is before (from 3 sections to close to instantaneous).

So the moral of the story is “for developing high speed dedicated networks” are the way to go.