Cloud Application Development


  • As a seasoned Cloud Computing services provider, partner and enabler, you can trust us to guide your cloud infrastructure needs. SphereGen works closely with our customers to understand their business processes and objectives. This allows to help them make the right technology investment choices with our cloud based IT solutions.

    Our cloud infrastructure services span consulting and managed services for assessment, planning, deployment, migration, ongoing management, and support. These are orchestrated with our software, digital and data services to leverage intrinsic cloud PaaS capabilities in order to maximize the value from cloud-driven initiatives.

  • Cloud Viability and Platform Analysis

    SphereGen as a cloud computing services provider, provides in-depth analysis of the existing business and application components and proposes the most viable cloud migration road map. A few of our priorities include the following:

    • Scope for maximum re-usability.
    • Best cloud service platform based on the requirements.
    • Assurance of data or application security.
  • Architecture Analysis

    As a part of our Cloud based IT solutions offering, we analyze architecture of the existing application and designs to identify possible bottlenecks in terms of scalability, performance and availability.

    • SaaS based business models to maximize customer reach
    • Standard conformance guidelines for new markets
    • Architecture tailored to the business need
    • Legacy system enhancements
    • Cloud migration roadmap
  • Production Maintenance

    Cloud application development services require careful planning and clear operational maintenance strategy to monitor application workloads in the cloud.

    • Cloud security and data protection services
    • Production service management
    • Disaster recovery management
    • Continuous patch deployment

Our Capabilities

  • C# in cloud


    SQL/ Oracle migrations to cloud


    Service Bus


    Cloud storage

  • Platform As A Service (PAAS)


    Software As A Service (SAAS)


    Virtual/Hybrid network in cloud


    Migrating Oracle Forms to MVC web applications/Azure applications

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