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SphereGen provides leading edge software for AR & MR collaboration and visualization experiences. SphereGen is committed to delivering technologies that enhance your business. The shared experience of mixed reality will enable your workforce to tackle the most challenging problems. Through harnessing mixed reality collaboration, our powerful custom solutions allow you to partner with both internal, and external resources. You can share, analyze and discuss data in real-time, immersing yourself (literally) into the challenge for a successful resolution. We utilize advanced and secure mixed reality solutions. The possibilities are endless. We can build your reality.

You know your business. We know the technology and advanced solutions. Our years of experience enables us to partner with you to understand and overcome your unique challenges. With your knowledge and our experience, we will partner with you to develop the solution which will integrate seamlessly and move your business forward.

Hololens Studio in New Haven

SphereGen opened a HoloLens Studio in New Haven, Connecticut to develop applications  on the Microsoft Universal Windows Platform. HoloLens is the premier holographic platform that enables you to help develop the future of holographic computing. All holographic apps are Universal Windows apps, and all Universal Windows apps can be made to run on Microsoft HoloLens. Built on Windows 10 and delivering the trusted mobile device management and enterprise networking on which IT professionals rely to help secure devices in the workplace.

SphereGen – combined a front end design studio with a back-end team in India that can fully develop the end to end experience for an application on the HoloLens.   We use Agile Methodology to  produce iterative prototypes and versions of your application. This provides you with the quickest time to market for these applications.  We excel at taking content and your vision for your content into a custom application on Hololens.

Our back-end team comprises of world class experts in development and support of applications on the Azure cloud enabling your application to not only look fantastic but also perform and scale.

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