DICOM Director

DICOM Director provides a gateway for sharing DICOM information across various Healthcare Information Systems (HIS), allowing seamless communication and collaboration among Radiologists.

  • Share and Transfer radiological images with others in minutes
  • Access your worklist, images and reports across multiple devices securely within the cloud
  • Collaborate with others around the world
  • Customize workflow integration with existing EHR sytems
  • Eliminate Redundant Data Capture and reduce error-prone manual tasks through digital process automation
  • View and interact with 3D image models through the HoloLens device

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HoloLens     PC

Learning Heart

SphereGen collaborated with St. George’s University to develop the Learning Heart. The Learning Heart is a Microsoft HoloLens application that assists students in understanding the elements of the Heart. As a study aid and teaching tool, this application can be used individually or collaboratively by multiple HoloLens users. Grasp the material like never before in this immersive experience!

The holograms are fully 3-Dimensional and can be traversed around and viewed from any position and angle. Holograms will not interact with or be effected by the real world, and will perform actions on command. Holograms will appear roughly 1-2 meters in front of your initial location, so for best experience, use Learning Heart in an area with at least 1 meter of empty space.

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Claptackular Scissors

Liven up your Grand Opening event with Claptackular Scissors, an interactive, sound activated ribbon cutting application.   As the crowd applause grows in sound, the scissors grow accordingly.  When the crowd continuously claps loudly for the right amount of time, the scissors snap back and cut the ribbon. Click on the Play button below to see how it works.

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The First Holographic Eye Test

Our product creates a simple way to do complex testing needed for todays patients.


What is a holographic eye test?
VeyeZER uses the patent pending process of Holographic eye test, termed:
Holographic Real Space Refractive Sequence

We have developed a means to provide a visual examination using holographic projection in real space and time. For over one hundred years doctors have provided eye examinations, including refraction, by using lenses and prisms to determine the refractive state and binocularity of the patient.

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