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  • Acer Headset Mixed Reality Development Guide

    Setting up Your Headset By now you’ve probably opened up your Acer Mixed Reality headset box and are ready to jump into development. There are a number of blogs and articles which have covered the specs, setup, and first impressions of these headsets. However, there is very little in terms of Acer Headset Mixed Reality […]

  • Programming in Unity with Flexibility in Mind

    Sometimes you have the time to create custom applications for your customers. Sometimes you don’t. One of the prototypes I worked on recently required conversion into a toolkit of prefabs so that the prototype could be replicated on a number of different models. When I originally created the app, it was built specifically in Unity […]

  • Expanded uses of Unity UI button functions

    Wanting a simple way to work with Unity UI, but limited to the functions of what buttons can do, or work without raycasting to objects attached to the camera?  Unity’s UI for buttons offer useful functionality, although limited.  By default, the UI will be able run such functions as checking, changing the tag and active […]

  • August SphereGen Events

    In August, we have a busy schedule.   Please let us know if you would like us at your event by emailing us at Info@spheregen.com August 2nd – we will be with Microsoft presenting at the AASHTO’s Subcommittee on Maintenance 2017 Summer Conference – http://www.dot.ri.gov/AASHTO/ August 8th -Attending the IDG Road map conference in Boston, MA. […]

  • HoloLens Networking Solutions for Unity

    Continuing on our quest to find a workable networking solution for our HoloLens application, we gathered information about various networking solutions and their use with the HoloLens. Since we want to make an efficient working environment for sharing holograms on the HoloLens, a good networking solution and a fair amount of code are needed. This […]

  • HoloLens Particle Capabilities

    Particle Systems for HoloLens When it comes to learning a new technology, always test multiple avenues during development. Do your research on all the different ways you can create or test your product. When first working with the HoloLens, my task for my project was to create a smoke particle effect. After downloading free smoke […]

  • Unity Networking Solutions and the HoloLens

    As a new Intern this week I took my first look at both, developing for HoloLens and Unity’s many Networking solutions. I had to quickly learn all I could about both subjects, and fortunately, the wealth of information on the internet was an excellent asset. Both technical and opinionated reviews of various Networking systems have […]

  • Iterative & Incremental Development Practice at SphereGen

    All of us by now have somehow experienced different development methodologies used by different software companies all around the world. Few experiences have amazed us whereas few have made us fall on our faces for our choices. So what were these choices that we now disregard saying “the biggest development mistakes or the incorrect practice […]

  • Unity, Hololens Gesture Input Freeze

    As a new intern here at SphereGen, I am lucky enough that I have worked developing games with the HoloLens for almost a year.  I have seen the HoloLens go through iteration after iteration of upgrades to the Holotoolkits, on top of Unity upgrades, giving me a decent feel for how the systems run and […]

  • Spheregen HoloLens Intern’s first days

      Working in SphereGen – first real world experience I have made games in the past, worked on large software development teams, and even showcased some of my work at professional conferences, but never for a company. In my first couple days at SphereGen, I am being faced with new challenges, in particular creating something […]

  • SphereGen Presenting in June – New York AR Summit, New Haven – Wine and Cheese, Hartford – Microsoft Store

    SphereGen will be presenting at the AR Summit in New York (http://arinaction.org/) on June 6th and 7th,  ON June 15th we will be doing an Art and Technology show at our office in New Haven with local Artist (wine and Cheese provided) –  https://www.evensi.us/reception-for-air-signs-the-grove/212393751   Then on June 28th and 29th, we will be at […]

  • SphereGen Presenting in May in Hartford and Boston

    SphereGen will be presenting and speaking at the WorkSmart Conference in Hartford on Thursday, May 18th   THE WORKSMART EXPERIENCE   Additionally, we will be speaking at the Boston AR Event – On Intelligent Healthcare   Intelligent Healthcare Tuesday, May 30, 2017, 6:00 PM MassChallengeMassChallenge 21 Drydock Ave Boston, MA 173 Members Went Join us […]

  • Continuity of Care Document Integration using Mirth Connect

    Mirth Connect is the Swiss Army knife of open source integration engines with specific Healthcare support for HL7 message integration. A Continuity of Care (CCD) Document is an XML file containing a patient summary clinical document whereas the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) is an XML-based markup standard intended to specify the encoding, structure, and semantics of clinical documents […]

  • Sharing with a Hololens – learnings – Whats a Quad Router?

    We were using the Hololens with the latest version of the Hololens toolkit from January 6, 2017. The main two problems we were having: When we were on a public network, using Live Stream on one PC and one Hololens, the stream would disconnect. Sometimes we would go to the lowest quality possible for streaming, […]

  • Augmented / Mixed Reality is Changing the way we do Business

    Custom Application Development for Augmented Reality Applications Have you ever seen any of the recent marvel movies with Iron Man, when he is creating the suit in his Lab? His augmented reality technology is so advanced that he doesn’t need the glasses. We’ll be there someday, but until then, the HoloLens is a great stepping […]

  • Oracle Roles and Uses

    Administration of large numbers of objects is difficult. Oracle roles allow you to localize the administration of objects. Oracle roles are most helpful when large numbers of users will need the same system and object privileges. Think of an Oracle role like a database user that nobody uses. You create the Oracle role using the […]

  • Data Modelling using SQL Developer Data Modeler

    Overview:-> Data modeling is a process used to define and analyze data requirements needed to support the business processes within the scope of corresponding information systems in organizations. Therefore, the process of data modeling involves professional data modelers working closely with business stakeholders, as well as potential users of the information system. Why is Data Modeling Important? Data modeling is probably […]

  • Power BI

    With the explosion of data in last few years, organizations want to analyze their data from different perspectives and want to understand their scattered data with meaningful information in lesser time. To address that, business analysts require new trends and analytical approach that can help them in effective decision making. Due to this, the importance […]

  • Persisting Mockup Edits using the ContentEditable attribute and CouchDB

    At SphereGen we aim to be always responsive to your needs as a client. One of the areas where your feedback is critical is in the area of UI mockups. Many a times you would like to change the text or the labels on the UI.  We want to capture this feedback asap and implement […]

  • ASP.Net Identity 2.0

    In order to fulfill the variety of business needs and technical and security requirements of different domains like banking, insurance etc. can be a daunting task. In addition to this, we have social networking applications that have millions of users, and it is widely known that any service accessible to the public on the Internet […]

  • Performance testing with JMeter – How to Basics

    I have tried to chip in some basic steps on how to use JMeter for the performance test. This will help any user to download JMeter and run a test.   Go to http://jmeter.apache.org/ Click on “Download Releases” link from Download menu. For just using the tool we need only the binary release. The screen below […]

  • Selenium Vs CodedUI

    This blog will help you understand the strengths of Selenium and CodedUI, and guide you through choosing the correct tool. There are six useful features for both Selenium and CodedUI. 1. Recording and Playback Functionality Each of the testing tools can record actions and playback the recorded actions. Selenium provides the plug-in named Selenium IDE […]

  • Custom Web Service Connections from Mirth Connect

    Mirth Connect is the Swiss Army knife of open source integration engines with specific Healthcare support for HL7 message integration. Mirth has out of the box connectors for FTP, HTTP (GET/POST), JMS, SMTP, LLP and Web Services but if the out of the box capabilities is not sufficient, we can use the “JavaScript Writer” destination […]

  • Parsing Continuity of Care (CCD) using Mirth and MDHT

    Mirth Connect is the Swiss Army knife of open source integration engines with specific Healthcare support for HL7 message integration. A Continuity of Care (CCD) Document is an XML file containing a patient summary clinical document. Mirth has support for CCD and CDA documents in their commercial offering but you can also use the open source Model Driven Health […]

  • Mirth Connect with Microsoft Azure Queue Storage

    Mirth Connect is the Swiss Army knife of open source integration engines with specific Healthcare support for HL7 message integration (though it works just as well when dealing with many types of data formats outside of HL7). Windows Azure enables you to build, deploy, scale and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data […]

  • Parent Package Variable Configuration and Logging

    Introduction In a data warehousing/BI solution, many times we need to develop SSIS packages with a parent-child relationship. When we use parent-child relationship packages with a parent package variable configured in the child package for logging events, we get logging information in our expected location as well as some other location. In this article, we […]

  • Testing job is to “Find issues”, is it ?

    I am sure many of you think that a testing job is to “find issues” PERIOD. No, I strongly think the testing job is not to find issues but is to confirm that there are “NO ISSUES” with the code/ application/ solution. Yes, this goes hand in hand with a testing person finding issues as […]

  • Testing 3-6-Oh!

    What we offer is the ability to have an independent view, with no vested interest except for the outcome of “your software works!” The generally accepted statistic for application failure is 66% of IT application software projects will fail to some degree. Addressing this statistic needs to be a focal point moving forward. “How can […]

  • How does one effectively measure testing?

    I recently replied on a blog site about this topic and thought of posting. Measuring effective testing 1. During Requirement Analysis and test case Development One of the analysis could be, how effective has the test team been when it was about reading the RA. Were question asked across to BA or Product Manager and […]

  • Introduction of ‘Tuple’ in .NET Framework 4.0

    The introduction of ‘Tuple’ in .NET Framework 4.0, really filled in a missing piece in C#. Apart from giving us the ability to interoperate with functional languages like F# or Python/Ruby, it does offer the convenience of a heterogeneous collection which can take a form of any class or structure that you would have created […]

  • Payment Gateway Integration using Amazon Simple Pay Standard

    Finding out a way to integrate Amazon Payment Gateway into the application needed lot of exploration. There is too much documentation available on AMAZON on this, but nowhere has it provided concrete guidelines to do this. I thought I would share my experience in achieving this for the community. Creating an Amazon business Account. To […]

  • Facebook Integration in Websites

    We were starting with a new project. We have been made aware that for authentication, we would be using Facebook Credentials. The site would have functionalities like Facebook Comments, Facebook Like and Facebook Recent Activity, to be more precisely, a site which interacts with Facebook. The requirement needs a bit of discovery due to Facebook […]

  • Competencies Based Interviews

    Introduction: The recruitment process has always been the most critical aspect for the growth of any engineering or non-engineering industry. A good and efficient resource can help the organization to set and achieve high growth whereas the vice-versa is also not false. With augmenting demand of deserving candidates in companies, the interview process has also […]

  • Disable Save Dialog In Webbrowser Editing

    A few days back, I have got a call from one of my friend who was facing a problem related to Webbrowser Windows Application control. The problem was unwanted save dialog on a load of the new document to Webbrowser control. It was showing unwanted save dialog box with 3 options i.e. the document has […]

  • Enterprise Java Flex Applications – Architectural Approaches

    Rich internet application is becoming the new face of web based enterprise applications and flex is coming up as a unanimous choice in this category. In this article, I presented few architectural approaches to use flex in Java environment to develop web based enterprise solutions. Also, I tried to capture few advantages and challenges involved […]

  • 10 effective ways to become a good programmer

    A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.  ~Doug Linder Working as a software programmer in IT industry, one thing that drives us daily to the work place; is that fun and passion lies in programming. But to make that programming a fun and to get an eternal […]

  • Trouble shooting Silverlight Application WCF service

    We all know that Silverlight application needs some service in order to communicate with the database. One of the ways is to use WCF service reference in your Silverlight application. When you add any WCF service reference in your application, it automatically adds the “ServiceReference.ClientConfig” file with the end point configuration having “BasicHttpBindings”, as till […]

  • Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

    Introduction Around the year 1960, after successfully installed the 1st packet switching based network (ARPANET), Sir J.C. R. Licklider envisioned the concept of ‘Intergalactic Computer Network’ where he talked about a complex net which connects all computers in the world and encircled the globe. This was the first vision of global net. In the same […]

  • Hibernate inverse attribute – Insight

    After exploring many articles and notes on ‘inverse’ attribute used in Hibernate, I realized that, although the attribute is simple to understand, the explanation, most of the times, is more complicated and ambiguous. So, I decided to give one more try to put simple words and examples to explain it. Hibernate supports bi-directional relationships in […]

  • Windows Azure

    Windows Azure Whether application runs on a local system, or over the Internet (commonly referred to as cloud), or both, some kind of application platform is required. An application platform can be thought of as anything that provides developer-accessible services for creating applications. Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform (originally known as the Azure Services Platform) is […]

  • Platform as a service

    Platform as a service In the recent years, we have been hearing a lot about Service Oriented Architecture. It started with Software as a Service (SaaS), where companies provided the applications in form of services over the internet instead of desktop applications. With this, it was not required to install the application on a system […]

  • USB Pot Luck?

    As we travel more and more, we increasingly use USB based devices to add functionality to our laptops or other devices.  In the course of traveling to our office in Pune, India, I decided to bring along a variety of devices.  This included a Casio camera, a Motorola Slvr, a WD Passport Essential, a WD […]

  • Why should I BLOG

    Yes “Why should I blog” this question like everyone else was haunting me for quite some time. So I sat down and thought what it gave me by blogging, here are few points what blogging gives me. I blog to be heard. I blog because it’s the perfect medium to share thoughts and ideas. I […]

  • Effective Bug Description

    Anybody who has made software must have faced a bad (not understandable) bug report. Something like “It doesn’t work at my end”, sometimes reports make no sense, or reports do not give enough information. This leads to a lot of to and fro emails/ calls/ discussion’s which leads to wastage of work hours which could […]

  • Why testing

    Why testing 1. Verification and Validation a. You verification we verify and validate if what is asked is what we give. 2. Give us Time to save your time. a. Go through the test cases. b. Issue found in earlier build take less time to fix than finding later. 3. You made a mistake a. […]

  • MERGE in SQL Server

    Hello All, This one is nice to have while handling the table types may be anyone of you already know this. Scenario: we passed the table type as parameter and we want to check upon the database values and table type values, Then runtime decide the action to update/insert/delete the Records in table., Solution: MERGE […]

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