Iterative & Incremental Development Practice at SphereGen

All of us by now have somehow experienced different development methodologies used by different software companies all around the world. Few experiences have amazed us whereas few have made us fall on our faces for our choices.

So what were these choices that we now disregard saying “the biggest development mistakes or the incorrect practice methodologies” that made our projects fail?

HA HA HA! Sounds like your story? No?

Lucky! But what is the surety that it can’t ever be? Why take a chance?

Always believe “The design says it all”.

When you give requirements to build an application for your business, what are the chances that the application will turn out be the way you imagine or will have features as per your requirement?

Based on an assumption – the probability is 50-50.

But what if someone shows you the application mockups with verisimilitude to your imagination – Where you can actually navigate through all the features you imagined, and also suggest changes because you get a clearer picture of your imagination?

This is when the “iterative & incremental” development methodology plays role. This practice allows you to plan your requirements in synchrony with the development taking place, leading your project progress in right direction.

Let me show you how we (at SphereGen) take care of your requirements and turn them into apps that you’re going to love:

  • We firstly break your application requirements into iterations, which means this will allow you to make up your mind before deciding a final outcome (product).
  • Each iteration undergoes a System development life cycle giving out a viable product at the end of each stage.
  • The Design phase in each Iteration means “Working Mockups” in order to give you a look and feel of the actual application.
  • These mockups are reviewed by the Business in order to incorporate changes (if any). This is done in initial phase itself to avoid the assumptions/mistakes to be pass on to the development phase, which we consider is a sheer waste of development time and efforts.
  • Once the designed functionality get a clear nod from Business, the entire functionality goes into coding/development phase.
  • After the initial functionality is developed, our quality assurance engineers make sure to evaluate it with the set standard of delivering a product with zero/no errors.
  • A proper support team handles and addresses any new changes or request coming after the delivery/release of the product.

We provide Customized Application development with customized approaches that suit the terms of each business.

Do let us know if you think you need an application for your business, and we can help you build it.

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