If one can Make IT, then one can Test IT!!!

Very often I have come across professional saying “How can we test it?”. The only answer to this question is “How did you make it?”, “If one can Make it, then one can Test It !!!”. Even if its rocket science I have a feeling one can test it. How did APJ Abdul Kalam succeed in “Operation Shakti.”, the famous Nuclear test done by India in 1998, did he have the question than “How do I test it?”, I am sure he did, but he also had an answer because he simply believed in “If one can Make IT, then one can Test IT”.

How to test?

Break IT

The first step to carry any test is to break it in pieces. So if a single task achieves numerous different tasks then break all tasks into different individual tasks, make it SMALL. Remember “Rome was not built in a day”. You cannot accomplish everything in one go. You have to take baby steps towards achieving your goal.

Test IT

Now that you have all your tasks into small pieces, you will be able to attack each task individually. Execution now is very simple as nothing now is complicated to worry you.

How does a baby learn to talk, the first step is to crawl.

Join IT

Once all the tasks have been tested, then join all the tasks and now you have the complete idea of what each task does. You have completed your test.

-Utkarsh Gadewar

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