DICOM Director provides a gateway to exchange information between Healthcare Information System (HIS) and DICOM Objects, allowing a seamless communication in Healthcare vertical.

DICOM Director Features

  • Transfer radiological images quickly and effectively.


    Send and receive patients’ medical data or images anywhere in the world.


    Access your worklist, images and reports from any location with Internet connectivity.


    Avoids Error-Prone Manual Task

  • Access the imaging data anytime, anywhere on your machine.


    Share studies with other physicians, facilities or DICOM destinations in minutes.


    Eliminate Redundant Data Capture


DICOM Director methodology for working

DICOM Director

DICOM Director PACS solutions

Dicom Director delivers unique PACS solutions that are fully customizable, scalable, and seamlessly support DICOM, HL7 and IHE standards.

DicomDirector is a complete business solution with no hardware to purchase and maintain, with a fixed per-study cost.

It can integrate with any sources such as CSV, Fix File format, HL7, Database & More.

The service can be installed “On premise” and “Off premise”.

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