• Programming in Unity with Flexibility in Mind

    Sometimes you have the time to create custom applications for your customers. Sometimes you don’t. One of the prototypes I worked on recently required conversion into a toolkit of prefabs so that the prototype could be replicated on a number of different models. When I originally created the app, it was built specifically in Unity […]

  • HoloLens: How to Play Videos with Unity.

    If you need to display a video in a Unity application, there are several methods to accomplish this. Each method is designed for a specific operating system.  Below are some tips for displaying videos in iOS, Android and the latest version of Unity.   In order to make a video playable for later distribution on […]

  • Expanded uses of Unity UI button functions

    Wanting a simple way to work with Unity UI, but limited to the functions of what buttons can do, or work without raycasting to objects attached to the camera?  Unity’s UI for buttons offer useful functionality, although limited.  By default, the UI will be able run such functions as checking, changing the tag and active […]