• HoloLens Particle Capabilities

    Particle Systems for HoloLens When it comes to learning a new technology, always test multiple avenues during development. Do your research on all the different ways you can create or test your product. When first working with the HoloLens, my task for my project was to create a smoke particle effect. After downloading free smoke […]

  • Unity, Hololens Spatial Mapping to Ignore Holes

    Some of the technical challenges of working with a new device, such as the HoloLens, is that when an issue occurs, there is a chance that not many people will know what to do to help.  Sure a lot of people can debug simple logical errors or coding syntax, but it can be difficult to […]

  • Spheregen HoloLens Intern’s first days

      Working in SphereGen – first real world experience I have made games in the past, worked on large software development teams, and even showcased some of my work at professional conferences, but never for a company. In my first couple days at SphereGen, I am being faced with new challenges, in particular creating something […]

  • SphereGen Presenting in May in Hartford and Boston

    SphereGen will be presenting and speaking at the WorkSmart Conference in Hartford on Thursday, May 18th   THE WORKSMART EXPERIENCE   Additionally, we will be speaking at the Boston AR Event – On Intelligent Healthcare   Intelligent Healthcare Tuesday, May 30, 2017, 6:00 PM MassChallengeMassChallenge 21 Drydock Ave Boston, MA 173 Members Went Join us […]

  • Persisting Mockup Edits using the ContentEditable attribute and CouchDB

    At SphereGen we aim to be always responsive to your needs as a client. One of the areas where your feedback is critical is in the area of UI mockups. Many a times you would like to change the text or the labels on the UI.  We want to capture this feedback asap and implement […]

  • ASP.Net Identity 2.0

    In order to fulfill the variety of business needs and technical and security requirements of different domains like banking, insurance etc. can be a daunting task. In addition to this, we have social networking applications that have millions of users, and it is widely known that any service accessible to the public on the Internet […]