• Performance testing with JMeter – How to Basics

    I have tried to chip in some basic steps on how to use JMeter for the performance test. This will help any user to download JMeter and run a test.   Go to http://jmeter.apache.org/ Click on “Download Releases” link from Download menu. For just using the tool we need only the binary release. The screen below […]

  • Selenium Vs CodedUI

    This blog will help you understand the strengths of Selenium and CodedUI, and guide you through choosing the correct tool. There are six useful features for both Selenium and CodedUI. 1. Recording and Playback Functionality Each of the testing tools can record actions and playback the recorded actions. Selenium provides the plug-in named Selenium IDE […]

  • Is Software Testing a Thankless Job?

    QA Manager: “Hey boss, you wanted to see me?” CEO: “Yeah, I just wanted to invite you into my office to let you know what a great job you’re doing. You and your team add so much value to our business. I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative I am for the bugs you […]

  • Testing job is to “Find issues”, is it ?

    I am sure many of you think that a testing job is to “find issues” PERIOD. No, I strongly think the testing job is not to find issues but is to confirm that there are “NO ISSUES” with the code/ application/ solution. Yes, this goes hand in hand with a testing person finding issues as […]

  • Testing 3-6-Oh!

    What we offer is the ability to have an independent view, with no vested interest except for the outcome of “your software works!” The generally accepted statistic for application failure is 66% of IT application software projects will fail to some degree. Addressing this statistic needs to be a focal point moving forward. “How can […]

  • If one can Make IT, then one can Test IT!!!

    Very often I have come across professional saying “How can we test it?”. The only answer to this question is “How did you make it?”, “If one can Make it, then one can Test It !!!”. Even if its rocket science I have a feeling one can test it. How did APJ Abdul Kalam succeed […]

  • How does one effectively measure testing?

    I recently replied on a blog site about this topic and thought of posting. Measuring effective testing 1. During Requirement Analysis and test case Development One of the analysis could be, how effective has the test team been when it was about reading the RA. Were question asked across to BA or Product Manager and […]

  • Software-Testing Chimney Test, Can I get into testing too ?

    Many a time I have been asked this question by developers “Can I get into testing too?”, sure looks like an easy job. It always took me some time to explain to them why this is not possible. Now I stopped explaining and just say “Ooo YES you can”. Next time if someone asks me […]

  • Effective Bug Description

    Anybody who has made software must have faced a bad (not understandable) bug report. Something like “It doesn’t work at my end”, sometimes reports make no sense, or reports do not give enough information. This leads to a lot of to and fro emails/ calls/ discussion’s which leads to wastage of work hours which could […]

  • Why testing

    Why testing 1. Verification and Validation a. You verification we verify and validate if what is asked is what we give. 2. Give us Time to save your time. a. Go through the test cases. b. Issue found in earlier build take less time to fix than finding later. 3. You made a mistake a. […]