Mind Map

  • Is Software Testing a Thankless Job?

    QA Manager: “Hey boss, you wanted to see me?” CEO: “Yeah, I just wanted to invite you into my office to let you know what a great job you’re doing. You and your team add so much value to our business. I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative I am for the bugs you […]

  • Testing 3-6-Oh!

    What we offer is the ability to have an independent view, with no vested interest except for the outcome of “your software works!” The generally accepted statistic for application failure is 66% of IT application software projects will fail to some degree. Addressing this statistic needs to be a focal point moving forward. “How can […]

  • Competencies Based Interviews

    Introduction:The recruitment process has always been the most critical aspect for the growth of any engineering or non-engineering industry. A good and efficient resource can help organization to set and achieve high growth whereas the vice-versa is also not false. With augmenting demand of deserving candidates in companies, the interview process has also undergone lots […]

  • USB Pot Luck?

    As we travel more and more, we increasingly use USB based devices to add functionality to our laptops or other devices.  In the course of travelling to our office in Pune, India, I decided to bring along a variety of devices.  This included a Casio camera, a Motorola Slvr, a WD Passport Essential, a WD […]

  • Why should I BLOG

    Yes “Why should I blog” this question like everyone else was haunting me for quite some time. So I sat down and thought what it gave me by blogging, here are few points what blogging gives me. I blog to be heard. I blog because it’s the perfect medium to share thoughts and ideas. I […]

  • What stops a Good Programmer from being a Good Tester?

    What stops a Good Programmer from being a Good Tester? – 8 Reasons Creator vs Destroyer: As a law of nature – creator can not be destroyer. Similarly in software, a programmer can not be critic of his own code. Constructive Criticism: A good programmer will always love and admire his code, but will never have that […]