• Acer Headset Mixed Reality Development Guide

    Setting up Your Headset By now you’ve probably opened up your Acer Mixed Reality headset box and are ready to jump into development. There are a number of blogs and articles which have covered the specs, setup, and first impressions of these headsets. However, there is very little in terms of Acer Headset Mixed Reality […]

  • Programming in Unity with Flexibility in Mind

    Sometimes you have the time to create custom applications for your customers. Sometimes you don’t. One of the prototypes I worked on recently required conversion into a toolkit of prefabs so that the prototype could be replicated on a number of different models. When I originally created the app, it was built specifically in Unity […]

  • HoloLens: How to Play Videos with Unity.

    If you need to display a video in a Unity application, there are several methods to accomplish this. Each method is designed for a specific operating system.  Below are some tips for displaying videos in iOS, Android and the latest version of Unity.   In order to make a video playable for later distribution on […]

  • Expanded uses of Unity UI button functions

    Wanting a simple way to work with Unity UI, but limited to the functions of what buttons can do, or work without raycasting to objects attached to the camera?  Unity’s UI for buttons offer useful functionality, although limited.  By default, the UI will be able run such functions as checking, changing the tag and active […]

  • August SphereGen Events

    In August, we have a busy schedule.   Please let us know if you would like us at your event by emailing us at Info@spheregen.com August 2nd – we will be with Microsoft presenting at the AASHTO’s Subcommittee on Maintenance 2017 Summer Conference – http://www.dot.ri.gov/AASHTO/ August 8th -Attending the IDG Road map conference in Boston, MA. […]

  • HoloLens Particle Capabilities

    Particle Systems for HoloLens When it comes to learning a new technology, always test multiple avenues during development. Do your research on all the different ways you can create or test your product. When first working with the HoloLens, my task for my project was to create a smoke particle effect. After downloading free smoke […]

  • Unity Networking Solutions and the HoloLens

    As a new Intern this week I took my first look at both, developing for HoloLens and Unity’s many Networking solutions. I had to quickly learn all I could about both subjects, and fortunately, the wealth of information on the internet was an excellent asset. Both technical and opinionated reviews of various Networking systems have […]

  • Unity, Hololens Spatial Mapping to Ignore Holes

    Some of the technical challenges of working with a new device, such as the HoloLens, is that when an issue occurs, there is a chance that not many people will know what to do to help.  Sure a lot of people can debug simple logical errors or coding syntax, but it can be difficult to […]

  • Unity, Hololens Gesture Input Freeze

    As a new intern here at SphereGen, I am lucky enough that I have worked developing games with the HoloLens for almost a year.  I have seen the HoloLens go through iteration after iteration of upgrades to the Holotoolkits, on top of Unity upgrades, giving me a decent feel for how the systems run and […]

  • SphereGen Presenting in June – New York AR Summit, New Haven – Wine and Cheese, Hartford – Microsoft Store

    SphereGen will be presenting at the AR Summit in New York (http://arinaction.org/) on June 6th and 7th,  ON June 15th we will be doing an Art and Technology show at our office in New Haven with local Artist (wine and Cheese provided) –  https://www.evensi.us/reception-for-air-signs-the-grove/212393751   Then on June 28th and 29th, we will be at […]