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  • Acer Headset Mixed Reality Development Guide

    Setting up Your Headset By now you’ve probably opened up your Acer Mixed Reality headset box and are ready to jump into development. There are a number of blogs and articles which have covered the specs, setup, and first impressions of these headsets. However, there is very little in terms of Acer Headset Mixed Reality […]

  • HoloLens Networking Solutions for Unity

    Continuing on our quest to find a workable networking solution for our HoloLens application, we gathered information about various networking solutions and their use with the HoloLens. Since we want to make an efficient working environment for sharing holograms on the HoloLens, a good networking solution and a fair amount of code are needed. This […]

  • Unity Networking Solutions and the HoloLens

    As a new Intern this week I took my first look at both, developing for HoloLens and Unity’s many Networking solutions. I had to quickly learn all I could about both subjects, and fortunately, the wealth of information on the internet was an excellent asset. Both technical and opinionated reviews of various Networking systems have […]