Augmented / Mixed Reality is Changing the way we do Business

Custom Application Development for Augmented Reality Applications

Have you ever seen any of the recent marvel movies with Iron Man, when he is creating the suit in his Lab? His augmented reality technology is so advanced that he doesn’t need the glasses. We’ll be there someday, but until then, the HoloLens is a great stepping stone. Many businesses and professions can make great use of augmented reality every day. Take a look at these basic examples of businesses using Augmented Reality.

Case Western Reserve medical school is using it to transform medical Education

Japanese Air is using this technology to train mechanics on engine maintenance

Interior Designers are using it to design and communicate their vision

Architects and construction managers are using it to collaborate with each other on building design and building.

Until recently, most virtual and augmented reality experiences have been tethered with a headset or pair of glasses linked to a high-powered computer via cables. The wearable hardware has continued to become better at a rapid rate. And now with the release of the Microsoft HoloLens, augmented reality is now a wireless experience and is even closer to becoming the platform of the future.

We are developing custom Applications using Unity and Microsoft Hololens. Currently, we are in development of these apps using 3D modeling and Game logic to create solutions for Business Problems like this.